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who i talk to 



Chris has spoken and performed for several businesses over the years large and small. He trades in the monotony of powerpoint for the energy of vulnerability and passion. He uses music to brings the heart back into corporate, showing that everyone from the CEO to the front desk beat as one. He instills individual confidence and communication while entertaining and uplifting the room. If you want a team building experience that truly out of the ordinary, than look no further.  

topics include

  • People come first

  • Joy in the workplace

  • The courage to be flexible

  • Diversity

  • Leadership

  • Balance

  • Critical Thinking and critique
  • Becoming a tribe

  • Communication

  • Individual confidence for group sake

  • Being unique in business

  • Creative connection

  • Self advocacy in a professional world

  • The power of vulnerability in business

  • Making your mark


Chris has has grown up in and out of hospitals. He provides a unique patient first viewpoint from a place of mentorship and experience. Physical Therapists and medical professionals alike will be reminded of their capacity to heal through connection as well as knowledge. Healing begins and ends with a hopeful, comforting bedside manner. The human body is more than a machine and those who heal deserve to receive as much care and respect as they provide. 

topics include

  • Healing as a community

  • Healing youth

  • Doctor patient relationships

  • Assuming progress
  • Leading with kindness

  • Healing for the healer

  • Passion for the patient

  • Mentoring

  • Conscious risk taking



(all ages, from kindergarten to phd's)

Chris has spoken to thousands of students and teachers over the last decade. His presentations use music, communication and humor in order reconnect young people and educators alike back to themselves. It’s easy to feel isolated when you’re still learning about who you are. His performance includes tools to shield youth from the labels of others as they grow into themselves. Bringing a unique perspective to advocacy for both students and teachers his vulnerability unites people young and old giving education a sense of community.

topics include


  • The gift of time

  • How unique we are

  • How similar we are

  • Mentorship

  • Finding kindness in chaos

  • Who you will become

  • The illusion of fear
  • Labels

  • Being underestimated

  • Patience

  • Standing out and fitting in

  • The love in teaching

  • The love in learning

  • Finding courage in a group

  • The gift of growth

spiritual organizations

Chris has spoken to many spiritual groups. He provides a unique look at faith and talks of uniting the head and the heart to empower consciousness. Your organization will be reminded of the power behind forgiveness and acceptance in the same breath. Through the presentation, we are shown the value of individual spiritual practice and gratitude for the community as a whole.

topics include

  • The chaos and calm of spiritual practice

  • Consciousness

  • Patience

  • Being Universal

  • Healing with words
  • Forgiveness
  • The power of written gratitude

  • Heart centered communication

  • The language of acceptance

  • The absence of judgement