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"Chris Hendrick and I shared a stage in Hollywood. When he got on stage to sing, I was in the green room with Mary Wilson from the Supremes and Roslyn Kind both professional singers, the minute he started to sing all three of us got up out of our seats to see where this magnificence voice was coming from, you guess it Chris Hendricks. A talent that is a must see and hear."

Kathy Buckley

One of the country's leading motivational speakers



"You don't have to be in the throes of adolescence to be inspired by Chris Hendricks. Whether he's singing one of his heart-rending songs or telling stories about the hardships kids face, his performances poke your soul. And if you also happen to be the parent of a kid who was bullied, shunned, or hurt by unfeeling peers, you want to wrap Chris up, bring him home, and have your child look into those twinkling eyes for assurance that he/she too is Perfect.
Don't miss Chris Hendricks."

Jane McClary Oakely
Former Television Producer/Writer Oprah and Larry King

“Chris’ life story is like a beautiful ballad that has fluid movement, graceful moments and inspiring emotions. He is an artist, an inspirational speaker and believes passionately in sharing his message of loving kindness, hope and the value of each and every person’s life. I am so blessed and honored to have worked with Chris as he provided an inspirational speech and concert to a professional marketing audience who had an interest in understanding how to blend meaning and purpose in their lives. Chris is a stunning example of being truly human.”

Jeffrey Slater
Director of Global Marketing

“There are few people in this world with the passion, glowing spirit and breath taking talent to move people in the way Chris Hendricks does. Impassioned, brilliant and inspiring are words that barely scratch the surface when trying to convey the power of Chris’ performance.”

Leigh Jeffery
Founder & CEO ComixCentral

"Chris Hendricks is the most intoxicating Souls I have met, through his passion and heart he extends love though his music and Speeches. He is my go to for Captivating crowds of all backgrounds."

Amy Gerrits
Keller Williams
Worldwide Realtor Talent Scout

"Chris Hendricks is a dynamic, energizing speaker whose message about his experiences growing up with cerebral palsy provided the physical therapy students at the University of North Carolina with insight into this chronic birth condition. He fully engaged the audience with his candid and humorous presentation and encouraged any and all questions. Chris demonstrated for the students how to be a self-advocate. He share with the students the characteristics he felt, as a patient, are needed to be a successful therapist"

Deborah E. Thorpe, PT, PhD
Associate Professor
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Division of Physical Therapy

"I have rarely met anyone with the obvious passion for his work as Chris Hendricks. He's a rare and inspiring person, and it takes very little interaction with him to gain this sense of his person. Not to mention, one of the easiest people to ever work with!"

Jeff Shetler
Founder / CEO Incentive Max, LLC

“From the songs and stories of his journey to the students standing in line to meet, say hi, and share their stories with Chris, his performance was much more than music, it was about life and the commonality of our lives. Thanks for helping our students believe in their dreams and themselves. Chris was a great event for our campus.”

Steve Anderson
Associate Dean and Director of Residence Life
Office of Residence Life
University of Pittsburgh

"Chris Hendricks has been to Cleveland County Schools on several occasions to deliver motivational speeches for teachers, hold anti-bullying rallies and conduct songwriting workshops for students with emotional and/or intellectual disabilities. At each and every event, Chris exceeded my expectations and delivered a high quality experience. Chris is able to make a powerful and personal connection with his audience, thus leaving a lasting impression on their lives. Each time Chris visits our school system, I am overwhelmed with the intensity of the positive comments I receive from everyone with whom he interacts. I believe that the investment I have made in using Chris Hendricks to teach our staff about empathy, to educate our students about the harms of bullying and to help some of our most challenging students to experience hope through songwriting, has been some of the best money I have ever spent."

Dr. Nellie P. Aspel
Director of Exceptional Children’s Services
Cleveland County Schools

“As I looked around the room during Chris’s performance I could see the impact of the music and of his story. Students sat and at times stood fixed because in many ways they could see themselves and share in the story of persistence and resilience. Pitt’s Resident Student Association sought to create a night of inspiration and affirmation, Mr. Hendricks performance more than affirmed this intended goal.”

DaVaughn Vincent-Bryan
Assistant Director for Residential Programming
University of Pittsburgh

"Chris Hendricks energy exudes compassion and strength. Through his words and his music he’s able to help children and adults connect with their inner strength. Perfectly Afflicted saves lives."

Nick Neal
Host of Real Estate Radio Northwest

"Chris Hendricks is an inspiration with a Pure Heart of Gold, and a true professional. My church is still talking about the songs, the message and the gift of spirit."

Michael J. Gans
Youth Pastor

“Chris Hendricks has it all- he is an incredibly dynamic and motivating speaker- he is a gifted and talented musician- and most importantly he is an amazing human being who strives to positively change the world around him. His tireless work to empower our community had a tremendous impact on our firm, as well as the students in the surrounding school districts. I am lucky to not only call Chris a friend, but also consider him a role model for how each of us should live our lives with love, compassion and hope.”

David Henson
Managing Partner at Henson & Fuerst, PA
Henson Fuerst Attorneys

"As a longtime friend and colleague of Chris Hendricks, it's easy to take for granted the fact that I'm lucky enough to know and be close to such an extraordinary individual. When I make it to one of his many speaking or musical presentations that I am reminded again and again of his remarkable talent, incredible perseverance, visionary inspiration, brilliant sense of humor, contagious joyfulness, and most of all, his immensely genuine love for every single person he encounters. Chris Hendricks is a force of excitement and compassion like no other, and I encourage you to reach out to him and find out why."

Kathleen O'Grady
PCC, CALC Founder & CEO
Raleigh Coaching, LLC & Raleigh Coaching Academy™

"Chris Hendricks is not only an amazing and rare talent, but a true inspiration. He united the audience members of our Gala event with his compelling storytelling and music. We were honored to work with him!"

Amber Smith

Executive Director

Activate Good

"Chris Hendricks concert at my national sales meeting with Sanofi was one of the most impactful things I've ever seen. His confidence, his passion for life and his amazing voice will be something I'll remember for the rest of my life. Thanks Sanofi for such an incredible experience!"

Shannon Janko Litman

Biosurgical Sales Specialist, Sanofi/Genzyme