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I’ve reached over 100,000 people, young and old, from all walks of life throughout the US, Canada, and Europe using music, spoken word and personal stories of transformation. Being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of 4 has given me a unique perspective on leadership, success, creativity and self-worth. 

I strive to teach living in the potential we are all born to be. I have brought this perspective to light in front of elementary schools, up through colleges to law firms and major corporations. My love of performance has allowed me to share the stage with songwriting heroes Delta Rae, Amy Grant and others. Songwriting has connected my music to major radio stations like NPR, the NHL and even the Louvre in France.

My belief in human potential and gift of sound has allowed me to bring 1,400 seat venues to their feet, bring love back into corporate America and has even saved a few lives, including my own. This story is one of possibility and his message is simple: One way or another we are all born creators. Next to food and water, creativity is the most vital part of our existence. 

Creativity, together with true vulnerability, will always lead to genuine connection. Not everyone is afforded the same opportunities but everyone has something to say. This language of self-expression has taken me places I never imagined. Where will your creative language take you? Creativity is the truest form of communication. Let’s talk.

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