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i speak about things that move me. 

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The Magic in Being Underestimated

What if being overlooked was your greatest asset?

In this conversation, I speak to your unassuming gifts. The ones that people simply don’t see coming. We all have them. I’m talking about self-awareness and using other people's assumptions to your advantage.

Being alive and knowing your secret value is like walking around as a living magic trick. I talk about embracing your creativity and your capacity to learn and turning it into something that is uniquely yours.

Every story, like every magic trick, comes in 3 parts. Your unique journey is like a hidden pledge to the world that something amazing is bound to happen. Your capacity to challenge yourself is like the turn. You begin to prepare the audience of humanity for something truly unexpected.

The prestige is where you truly reveal what you’ve been holding onto this whole time… the surprise gift of the self.

The “Rock Bottom” Mentor

What if the lowest point in your life was your greatest teacher?

In this conversation, I talk about the value of struggle and the importance of perspective. Buried beneath the noise of our lowest moments is the whispered lesson our pain is trying desperately to share with us.

There was this time a few years ago when I got into a fight with a pair of pants. In addition to losing my ability to walk… twice… and tearing my knee to shreds, I was broke. I was also living with my mother, and had just been 86’d (dumped). Despite all of it, I kept hearing this voice in my head going “what are you meant to learn here…”

Through it all, I share the value of gratitude in dark times and how a simple shift in thought can carry you from nowhere to everywhere you want to be.


Our wounded hearts have more power than we realize.
Let’s learn to unleash them.

The Evolution of Passion

Passion is alive and living things change.

In this conversation, I talk about how passion as an entity that grows with us. So many people talk about a calling or an individual purpose. That’s a beautiful thing, but it’s not stagnant. Our greatest gift as humans is not our greatness but rather our potential. I cover the value mystery and uncertainty, because in reality none of us really know what comes next and thank goodness for that.

You can’t leap without letting go. Where will your flight of passion take you?